Facial Treatments

The Luxe Lift Facial

This luxurious facial infuses the skin with lifting serums to yield immediate visible results. Wrinkles are smoothed, jawline and cheekbones are defined, leaving the skin with a new glow. The treatment dramatically boosts the skin's water level and works to prevent cellular fatigue.

90 minutes $255 

The 'Grand River' Oxygen Facial

A facelift without surgery. Breathe new life into your skin with this high-performance treatment that infuses 98% pure medical grade oxygen, along with custom blended serums, deep into your skin. Immediate visible results include contoured jawline and cheekbones, smoothed wrinkles and nasal labial folds with a refined texture that will have you glowing by the end of the treatment.

90 minutes $255 

Organic Pure Results Facial

Relax knowing this customized organic facial will meet all the needs of your skin. Speak to our professionals and they will be able to cater this experience to your requirements.

60 minutes $155 

Bio-energy Lift Facial

This luxurious treatment delivers instant  rejuvenation by accelerating cellular  respiration, bringing fatigued, over stressed skin back to life. Skin becomes re-energized with the Energize & Firm Collection – a blend of a copper & amino acid complex, peptides, vitamins and minerals to firm, lift and revitalize the skin.

60 minutes $165 

The Soothe & Restore Facial

This healing and restorative facial is ideal for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. Designed to calm inflammation and redness, this facial features regenerating sweet lupine and calendula, as well as our hydrating and soothing Aloe Replenishing Gel Mask to provide immediate relief for irritated skin. 

60 minutes $155 

The Brightening Facial

This high-tech anti-ageing facial incorporates Swiss state of the art peptides. Its targeted smart technology delivery system brightens and reduces the signs of ageing in the skin with its high levels of arbutin and Vitamin C.

90 minutes $255

Enhance your treatment

With a soothing and nourishing Manuka honey peel mask - 15 minutes $35

With a Glycolic Acid Enhancement - 15 minutes $35

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