Body Treatments

Give your whole body a lavish and indulgent pampering experience with our carefully developed body therapies. Relax, re-energize and boost your skin with natural vitamins and minerals that will leave your skin refreshed and full of life. 

Mimosa Body Scrub

This body scrub hydrates and brightens dull skin. Micronized walnut husks exfoliate while mimosa and bamboo extracts create lasting softness. Sparkling notes of lemongrass combined with seductive floral aromas of jasmine and ylang ylang stimulate the  senses for total relaxation. 

60 minutes $155

Moisture Drench Skin Conditioning Treatment

This session begins with a comforting  massage using a warm, mineral-rich  seaweed serum to revitalize the skin and finishes with a hydrating sea fennel to deeply seal in moisture for a silky, satin finish.

60 minutes $175

Lemon Verbena Hydrating Body Treatment

A two-step body polish and hydrating wrap, this body treatment leaves skin radiant and deeply nourished. Bright citrus notes of lemon verbena and gentle buffing grains are blended with aloe vera, oat protein and shea butter to soften the skin.

75 minutes $215

Oasis Detoxifying Wrap

This treatment encourages the elimination of liquids and toxins. Seaweed mud extracts combined with sea salts perform a deeply detoxifying ritual. This treatment redefines the body contours, which become smoother with improved elasticity and compactness. You will feel refreshed and lighter, perfect before a big event.

90 minutes $255

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