The Designer
Lori Morris

The LMD Style

Lori Morris has been reinventing the standard of design for over 30 years. She is a creator and an artist, embracing a forward-thinking philosophy, while delivering original designs with whimsical decoration. Lori is truly unique in her ability to seamlessly integrate sumptuous, unexpected design, and unprecedented attention to detail, with spatial functionality, culminating in a symphony of light, colour, texture, and space. Lori has created a category of style, all her own, simply referred to as LMD

Elora Mill has been redesigned to enrich the historic elegance of the once operational 19th century grist mill, while capturing the true essence of luxury and comfort. Lori and her LMD team were all too thrilled to immerse themselves in this heritage project. Lori’s visionary expertise made her the perfect choice for this restoration in her ability to combine old and new world, classic with modern. Her intention for Elora Mill was simple; breathe new life into this once shining star by respectfully maintaining its architectural integrity, whilst infusing LMD’s signature French influence. These two extremes will harmoniously exist and offer yet another palette of Lori’s magic and the LMD style.